TARON offers comprehensive solutions in Material Handling operations for your effective supply chain needs. From a totally Modern Equipment, Advance Safety features, Asset Management with Real-Time Fleet Analysis to ensuring “ZERO” incident rate with Higher Productivity. Our prime goal is to make our customers delight by anticipating their changing wants while providing effective results.


Material Handling

Solutions for Material Handling operations for your effective supply chain needs.

Our Services

As an experienced firm, we provide a wide range of services to individuals and businesses alike.


Specially designed range of forklift attachments for various shapes and sizes of loads at work sites.


TARON brings in continuous innovation, technology and a plethora of experience in the lift truck business to solve the most demanding material handling challenges in today’s world. From traditional lift trucks to Li-ion technologies, our mission is to work towards a material handling solution that is safe, sustainable and brings you savings.


Our range of Li-ion operated forklifts and other material handling equipment brings long-term savings to your bottom line.


TARON plays a substantial role in the materials handling industry’s shift to sustainable power choices and we are at the forefront of this environmentally conscious shift.


TARON adheres to lift truck operating best practices and supports operator awareness. Our forklifts are tailored to the challenges of warehouse operations with safety at the heart of it.


TARON's practices are focused on social, environmental and economic sustainability which is also a core mantra of ours that has shown us the way forward to success.

IoT Assisted

TARON's Forklift Monitoring System enables you to track the real usage of your lift trucks through a remote connection. It provides you with an online view that illustrate the actual usage of your forklifts which can improve your fleet’s uptime.

Internet of Things (IoT) improves reliability and availability and is known to  extend a lift truck's lifetime by capturing and reporting operating data and through enhanced control and improved asset utilization.

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